Self Paced Inquiry


Jungian work, at your own tempo

Many people are curious about Jungian work, but don’t have the interest, availability, or resources to invest in weekly analysis. To meet this need, I now offer self-paced, self-scheduled individual sessions. These 60-minute sessions are flexible to meet your needs and interest and can take on a variety of forms; here are a few ideas:

– Explore an important dream, either recent or a dream from the past you just can’t forget.

– Talk through a troubling issue in your life or relationship. 

– Work on understanding, processing, and integrating a mystical or psychedelic experience.

– Analyze and explore your creative work from a Jungian, psychological perspective.

– Gain an outside, psychological perspective on your personal inner work or work you’re doing with another healing practitioner.

– View your spiritual and meditative experiences and practices through a Jungian, psychological lens. 

What it is, what it isn’t

These self-scheduled sessions are an opportunity for you to work with a Jungian Analyst at your own pace and comfort. Schedule a single session, or do ongoing work on your own timeline. Come in person to my studio on Salt Spring, or book an online session from anywhere in the world. Bring something you would like to discuss and we will explore the issue together, using concepts from Jungian psychology and allowing psyche to guide us where it may. 

Although the experience can be deep and insightful, these sessions are not a substitute for the container of regular Jungian Analysis, and should not be seen as such. Nor should this be considered “coaching.” As a Jungian Analyst, I work therapeutically, with a trained clinical eye. I am in the practice of guiding descent, uncovering, circumambulating, and unraveling.  I will bring these skills with me to our session, as well as my ability help you weave loose strands into something new. You may leave the session with more questions than you came in with, but I trust you will leave with your psyche stirred and the inner fires stoked. 

Fees and scheduling

Self-paced, Self-scheduled

Use the link below to access my calendar and schedule a session. Once you schedule, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Questions? Contact me. 

$200 per 60-minute session

($170 for former analytical clients)

Reimbursement: I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW) with the BC College of Social Workers, and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Washington State. My services are eligible for reimbursement from many insurance companies for BC and WA state residents. My services are also considered tax-deductible medical expenses for BC residents.