Jungian Analysis


Break free

In our fast-paced culture, our inner world can become a place we rarely visit. Being blocked from parts of ourselves can create emotional distress, psychological and physical disturbance, lack of meaning, boredom, and confusion. Jungian analysis allows us the space to remember and reclaim the parts we most need to feel vital and balanced. Although this sounds like a heavy undertaking, many people comment on what an enjoyable and enlivening process analysis can be. 

What is Jungian Analysis?

Psychoanalytic therapy, or analysis, is the most in-depth form of psychotherapeutic work. Analysis is often an intensive process in terms of time and emotional impact but can lead to profoundly transformative changes in behavior, quality of life, and self-understanding.  

Analysis is founded on the premise that we each have an unconscious part of our psyche which greatly influences our thoughts, feelings, and relationships. Analysis is the process of bringing our unconscious patterns, behaviors, as well as the disinherited and unlived parts of ourselves more into consciousness. Jungian analysis, based on the work of Carl Jung, differs from many other forms of analysis and psychotherapy in several important ways:

– Jungian Psychology is founded on the belief that the human psyche, if given proper conditions, has a natural tendency to heal and move towards wholeness.

– The practice of analysis supposes that our difficulties and symptoms are not merely the result of traumas in our past, but are flickering attempts by our psyche to step into the person we are becoming.

– Our individual human experience rests upon what Jung called the Collective Unconscious, the archetypal dimension of inherited memory that connects us to all beings.

Analysis is not just a method of decreasing symptoms or solving problems, but is a path to a more vital and integrated version of ourselves and a clearer vision of our place in the world. Jungian analysis uses dreams, fantasies, symptoms, and daily life experiences to uncover and understand the unconscious influences which shape our experience. In addition to classical Jungian Analysis, I also have been trained in Jungian Sandplay Therapy. For in-person clients, this is a holistic, non-rational form of therapy that reaches a profound level of the psyche and is a wonderful adjunct to traditional analysis.

Fees and Duration

In-person or online

It is difficult to predict how long an analysis will take. For some it will last several months and for others it will last several years. It is important to remember that lasting change and self-knowledge take time to cultivate. I see analytical clients weekly. After a trial period of one month, it is best to have the intention to commit to at least 6 months of weekly sessions. Many clients choose to meet for longer. If you are interested in doing Jungian work at a different pace, please visit this page

Although my weekly schedule is often full, I do occasionally have spaces open. Contact me to inquire about current availability or to be put on my waiting list.

$170 per 60-minute session

Reimbursement: I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW) with the BC College of Social Workers, and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Washington State. My services are eligible for reimbursement from many insurance companies for BC and WA state residents. My services are also considered tax-deductible medical expenses for BC residents.